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American Accent

Looking to improve your American accent?   You have come to the right place! Artemis Accents offers the best American accent training to help you learn how to speak with an American accent.   Our highly skilled Speech and Language Pathologists create an individualized American accent modification plan just for you, then work with you online once a week as your personal American accent coach.   Most of our clients are assigned a seven or twelve week American accent course, and American accent improvement is typically greater than 70%.  


Take our FREE SCREEN today and one of our accent reduction trainers will review the results and contact you to discuss our American accent classes.  

The screen is completely free, with no obligation, and we promise to never share your contact information with other parties.   Get started today!


For more details on how the process works, click here.  

Take this FREE screening at no obligation. You will receive feedback and a short consultation. 

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