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American English Pronunciation Training

Everyone has an accent. An accent is not a mispronunciation.  It is not a speech or language disorder. In fact, accents add to the richness of a language and vibrancy of a culture. However, if you feel like your foreign language or regional accent distracts from your ability to effectively communicate, our top-rated American English Pronunciation courses may be right for you.


Artemis Accents specializes in training native and non-native English speakers to improve your  American English  pronunciation.  Our Speech and Language Pathologists create a customized plan just for you and work with you as your personal American English Pronunciation coach.  


Get started today with our FREE SCREEN!   There is no obligation and we promise to never share your contact information with outside parties.   


For more information on how the process works, click here.  

Take this FREE screening at no obligation. You will receive feedback and a short consultation. 

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